Rehabilitation of a synagogue

Lucenec - Slovakia

After its partial destruction in the Second World War, the synagogue was used by the local agricultural cooperative in the then communist Czechoslovakia as a grain store. From 1980, the building was left to decay until finally, in 2014, a start could be made on extensively repairing it with the support of EU funds. The firm responsible for planning and overseeing the upgrade was that of architect Ing. Z. Papp. After trials on sample surfaces carried out during the tendering phase, EXZELLENT was able to win through against four product systems of other manufacturers.
Dilapidated state
The initial state of the synagogue was anything but promising: After years of disuse, its walls were in a dilapidated state. Not only had the masonry become saturated in moisture and salts, it had also been heavily contaminated with bat dung. Only EXZELLENT was able to meet the requirements specified by the planning engineers in every respect, and was thus chosen for refurbishing the walls and columns.
The system is based on a unique pore geometry comprising micro and macro pores that are interconnected and effectively utilise the laws of capillary action and diffusion. They absorb the masonry moisture and salts that are present and convey them to the render surface without damaging the structure of the render itself.

Synagogue in Lucenec after the rehabilitation
Synagogue in Lucenec after the rehabilitation
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EXZELLENT can be directly applied to moist masonry, even where the degree of damp penetration is as high as 95 percent.
Thanks to EXZELLENT, the Lucenec synagogue has been returned to its original splendour – and also to its original purpose as a place of worship.

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    Rehabilitation of a synagogue

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    Lucenec - Slovakia, 2021

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