OS 10 overfladebeskyttelsessystem
MC-Floor TopSpeed flex plus

Our OS 10 surface protection system with MC-Floor TopSpeed flex plus consists of a flexible waterproofing layer with very high crack-bridging capability (dynamic, class IV T+V, at -20 °C, per TL/TP BEL-B3) and very high mechanical resilience. It boasts very good cleanability to EN 11998, short overworking times and rapid curing to final strength, and is totally resistant to UV and yellowing.

OS 10 overfladebeskyttelsessystem <br/>MC-Floor TopSpeed flex plus
No. System Build-Up Product Consumption
1 Primer MC-Floor TopSpeed SC approx. 300 g/m²
2 Scratch coat MC-Floor TopSpeed SC + quartz sand 0.1–0.3 mm approx. 600 g/m² + approx. 600 g/m²
3 Waterproofing layer MC-Floor TopSpeed flex plus 2 x approx. 500 g/m²
4 Dry-shake layer MC-Floor TopSpeed approx. 400 g/m²
Dry shake Quartz sand in excess
5 Top seal coat MC-Floor TopSpeed approx. 500 g/m²


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